Music Worth Listening To: Weedpecker Oct 12

Don’t let the silly name fool you, Poland’s psychedelic rock quartet Weedpecker takes their music very seriously.

I recommend you put this one on and sink into your couch for a while. You’ll barely notice almost 8 minutes have gone by.

How This Site Works (p. 2) Oct 12

In this article I’ll talk the design of the site and how I did it. For technical implementation details, check out part 1.

I’m not a big fan of CSS. CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is the current web standard for the look and feel of a site When...

San Francisco Emergency Radio Setup Oct 11

This article explains the rationale behind why you might want to add a radio to your emergency kit. If you’re already convinced, skip to part 2, which outlines which beginner radio to buy.

a photo of a handheld radioYou might want to add a Baofeng UV-5R (~$26) to your emergency...

How This Site Works (p. 1) Oct 1

In this article I’ll talk about my technical goals for this project and how it began. For details about the visual design, check out part 2.

My goals on this project were as follows:

  • Articles should a simple directory of Markdown files
  • The site should...

Elastic Beanstalk Enhanced Health Reporting Sep 29

When you start using AWS Elastic Beanstalk, you quickly learn that the Health dashboard is the best place to go to understand what is going on on your app. If you’re anything like me, however, you might be disappointed to find some of the most useful...

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