Map: Adventure So Far Jun 30

Just wanted to post a quick update showing where I’ve gone so far:

a map showing the journey so far

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Photos: That Time I Saw P!NK May 9

While staying with family in Salt Lake City, I was lucky enough to be invited to see the artist P!NK perform. If that wasn’t enough, I was given a backstage pass, which let me watch the show from the front row.

I don’t know her music that well but I...

Trip Report: Joshua Tree Mar 25

Weeks in: 6
Distance traveled: ~1500 miles miles
Current location: scarring.repaint.regal[?]

a road in Joshua Tree National Park

After leaving my comfortable poolside retreat in San Diego, I headed straight for the desert. My destination was Joshua Tree National Park, one of the youngest...

Trip Report: San Diego Mar 20

Weeks in: 5
Distance traveled: ~1200 miles miles
Current location: unfilled.gust.benched[?]

I honestly didn’t intend on staying long in San Diego. My original plan had Los Angeles being the furthest point South that I would go, but there was a concert...

Trip Report: Los Angeles Mar 13

Weeks in: 4
Distance traveled: ~800 miles miles
Current location: spent.values.pits[?]

After leaving Santa Barbara last week, I drove straight down to Los Angeles. I’ll admit I was a little nervous… just weeks before I arrived, LA passed a law banning...

Photos: Behind the Scenes at The Price is Right Mar 7

Hello friends, short update here. I just wanted to share a cool experience I had while I was in LA.

A friend of mine works on the creative team on the acclaimed TV game show The Price is Right. He invited me to visit him at the CBS studios in Hollywood...

Trip Report: Central Coast Mar 5

Weeks in: about 2
Distance traveled: ~550 miles miles
Current location:[?]

It’s been over a week since I left Big Sur, and I have continued to explore Southern California. After being in the wilderness for my first week, I opted to...

Trip Report: Big Sur Feb 21

Weeks in: just over 1
Distance traveled: ~400 miles miles
Current location: maple.sports.cross[?]

The first week is behind me, and I have returned to the land of reliable Internet and power.

Sunset at Limekiln State Park, with a wave crashing on a rock

I have so much to share with you, so I’ve broken it down...

And We're Off! Feb 14

Yesterday was my last day as a resident of San Francisco. It was a busy day: I still had to pack some stuff, move some furniture onto the street, clean up the apartment, and load up the van.

Everything that was to be loaded into the vanEverything I brought with me in the van.

It’s absurd how...

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