Post-Adventure Summary Jan 13

Weeks in: 47
Distance traveled: 17,638 miles
Current location:[?]

Eleven months ago today, I reversed my campervan out of my driveway in San Francisco and set forth on a magnificent adventure. I had ended my lease, put my possessions...

Map: Adventure So Far (v2) Sep 26

Since everyone enjoyed the last map of the adventure, I’ve updated the map to reflect the journey thus far. I’m currently outside of Dallas, TX, having come from the East.

a map showing the journey so far

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Disaster! Sep 24

Weeks in: 30
Distance traveled: 13,465 miles
Current location: sends.embraced.cons[?]

a Roadtrek on a flatbed tow truck

After a nice visit to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, my check engine light went on. There was no unusual noise or behavior when the light turned on, so I continued...

Jump Into My Passenger Seat Aug 20

I’m really excited to announce a new project I’ve been working on:

You know those TV channels that are just 24/7 fishtanks or yule logs? This is basically the same idea, but it’s driving footage from my van adventure.

Sit back, relax, and let me...

Map: Adventure So Far Jun 30

Just wanted to post a quick update showing where I’ve gone so far:

a map showing the journey so far

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Photos: That Time I Saw P!NK May 9

While staying with family in Salt Lake City, I was lucky enough to be invited to see the artist P!NK perform. If that wasn’t enough, I was given a backstage pass, which let me watch the show from the front row.

I don’t know her music that well but I...

Trip Report: Yosemite Apr 6

Weeks in: 7
Distance traveled: 2381 miles
Current location: wedge.buck.chops[?]

a view of Bridalveil Fall from a distance

After swinging through San Francisco for a little bit of comfort, I got back on the road. My next stop was one of my very favorite places on the planet, Yosemite National...

A Trip Back to San Francisco Apr 1

Weeks in: 6
Distance traveled: ~2100 miles
Current location:[?]

After my wonderful stay in Joshua Tree I pointed my van back North. At this point I had traveled from San Francisco all the way down the California coast, but I already...

Trip Report: Joshua Tree Mar 25

Weeks in: 6
Distance traveled: ~1500 miles
Current location: scarring.repaint.regal[?]

a road in Joshua Tree National Park

After leaving my comfortable poolside retreat in San Diego, I headed straight for the desert. My destination was Joshua Tree National Park, one of the youngest...

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