Pinned: Jump Into My Passenger Seat Aug 20

I’m really excited to announce a new project I’ve been working on:

You know those TV channels that are just 24/7 fishtanks or yule logs? This is basically the same idea, but it’s driving footage from my van adventure.

Sit back, relax, and let me...

Post-Adventure Summary Jan 13

Weeks in: 47
Distance traveled: 17,638 miles
Current location:[?]

Eleven months ago today, I reversed my campervan out of my driveway in San Francisco and set forth on a magnificent adventure. I had ended my lease, put my possessions...

Map: Adventure So Far (v2) Sep 26

Since everyone enjoyed the last map of the adventure, I’ve updated the map to reflect the journey thus far. When this map was created I was outside of Dallas, TX, having come from the East.

a map showing the journey so far

There’s one last leg this map is missing… from Texas to Los...

Disaster! Sep 24

Weeks in: 30
Distance traveled: 13,465 miles
Current location: sends.embraced.cons[?]

a Roadtrek on a flatbed tow truck

After a nice visit to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, my check engine light went on. There was no unusual noise or behavior when the light turned on, so I continued...

Photos: That Time I Saw P!NK May 9

While staying with family in Salt Lake City, I was lucky enough to be invited to see the artist P!NK perform. If that wasn’t enough, I was given a backstage pass, which let me watch the show from the front row.

I don’t know her music that well but I...

Trip Report: Yosemite Apr 6

Weeks in: 7
Distance traveled: 2381 miles
Current location: wedge.buck.chops[?]

a view of Bridalveil Fall from a distance

After swinging through San Francisco for a little bit of comfort, I got back on the road. My next stop was one of my very favorite places on the planet, Yosemite National...

A Trip Back to San Francisco Apr 1

Weeks in: 6
Distance traveled: ~2100 miles
Current location:[?]

After my wonderful stay in Joshua Tree I pointed my van back North. At this point I had traveled from San Francisco all the way down the California coast, but I already...

Trip Report: Joshua Tree Mar 25

Weeks in: 6
Distance traveled: ~1500 miles
Current location: scarring.repaint.regal[?]

a road in Joshua Tree National Park

After leaving my comfortable poolside retreat in San Diego, I headed straight for the desert. My destination was Joshua Tree National Park, one of the youngest...

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